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Rising Tide Musical Collective

Rising Tide is a musical collective that combines the elements of Roots Reggae, Jazz, Rhythm & Blues and deep meditative Dub into a sound that is both profoundly unique and entirely familiar all at once. After years of touring the globe together, releasing critically-acclaimed classic albums, and being embraced by a worldwide audience as the core members of the band Groundation, the group reflects the next step in an evolution of both vision and vibration. By incorporating an all-star list of collaborators and a variety of sounds from across the musical landscape, the band has tapped into a deep well of innovative inspiration. Rising Tide encompasses world class production quality and musicianship with a deeply-rooted focus on the issues we face as a society, creating heartfelt and urgent music. 

Rising Tide and Mike Love team up and release their latest record "Together"

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Fred Lachaize // SOULBEATS Music

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